Together, we create.

About Us

Unify brings with it a rich history, beginning as a family business operated by father and son, Angelo and Andrew Amodeo. Starting off as a family business, Unify remains guided by principles of hard work, quality outcomes and honest practice. Operating is such a manner has given Unify an enviable reputation in its industry as a preferred construction company, as well as a reliable and high quality provider. 

Unify is a commercial/residential construction company that places a very strong emphasis on innovation, believing that the only way to move forward is in the most effective and current way. Given this emphasis, Unify employs a small, yet specialised, team of passionate building professionals whose interest are all aligned with that of identifying and delivering exceptional and innovative outcomes to its most valued clients. 

The team at Unify has enjoyed decades of experience in building residential dwellings. At all times, Unify aims to deliver a home to its valued clients, as opposed to just a building. To do this, Unify consults with its clients at every stage of the building process, identifying their desires and specifications to ensure that the final product not only meets expectations, but exceeds them.  

Design is critical to any building project – something that Unify understands well. It is often the case that Unify will create completely fresh and one-of-a-kind designs and deliveries for its clients. This not only meets clients’ needs, but also creates a signature outcome that stands apart from the otherwise crowded building crowd. 

The team at Unify always welcomes a new face and a new story and, accordingly, are happy to help with any construction enquiries. Feel free to contact the team today and pop around for a coffee and a chat to see how Unify can help create or complete your story. 


What we offer

Calling on decades of joint industry experience, the team at Unify can comfortably meet a wide range of client needs, including: innovative residential home design/construction projects, duplexes, townhouses, granny flats, commercial properties and/or residential units. As well as delivering new projects, Unify is also very experienced in full renovations of a multitude of property types, including: homes, commercial offices, amenities, schooling facilities, garages and more. 

Unify understands that building is not something that its clients partake in regularly and just how intense, confusing and time-consuming the process can be. For that reason, Unify has developed a convenient system that offers its clients peace of mind in knowing that it is a one-stop-shop for the entirety of any given project, at all stages, including: briefing, drafting, designing, planning, construction, modification, delivery and maintenance. Furthermore, Unify takes a holistic approach and offers its assistance with external parties such as acting on its clients’ behalf in liaising with Councils in respect of development approvals.  

Over time, Unify has worked on projects of varying sizes, budgets and designs. For this reason, Unify is able to work within client requirements and limitations, including timeframes and budgeting. Furthermore, through its strong industry networks, Unify can also arrange finance for any project type. 

Our Core Principals

Unify is consistently directed by its core principles of: 

Client satisfaction  |  Quality outcomes  |  Expert development  |  Reliability  |  Innovation  |  Honesty  |  Sustainability

Rather than being just words on a page, the core principles above are an integral part of every decision that is made by or in respect of Unify. From the smallest administrative decisions, to the future operating objectives of the company, the core principals can be seen at every level of operation and ensure that any impact made by Unify is always a positive one.